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The Storm Inside

As the rain pangs against my windows, I turn down the lights. The roar of thunder rattles the walls a bit while the branches on our tree hit the roof. I hear the scratching of twigs, and looking out the window I see the rustle of the leaves. The sky is letting go of itself, crying down on me. I’m sheltered from the anger of mother nature, though somehow feel comforted by her wrath. Since you left I have been in my own storm. Every now and then I calm, but then the thunder begins and I have my own wrath. Nature and I express ourselves differently, but we feel similar in these times. Some days I’m lost, like a leaf in the wind or a tumbleweed in the desert. I walk on two legs, a broken vessel moving on autopilot. I used to take comfort knowing I would see you again, I would always see you again. Your body had a storm of its own, but you always calmed and the storm would pass. Every time, it passed. How could I not have known that one day, the storm would blow you away? My heart beats in tune with the clap of thunder outside, the sound of rain hitting the house calming my mind. You were like a strong oak tree in my life. The center of my world, always a place for me to escape the calamity that was my life. I used to sit on your knee and watch you in adoration, and as I grew that adoration turned to thirst; I wanted to be just like you. You were my best friend. Even though years and strife separated us, love never truly did. Now my hero is gone, my best friend. Now I know I will never see you again in life, and my storm rages on.  The storm outside couldn’t compare to what is inside of me. I could rival Nature with the pain inside. Each day is different, at times I am the calm. Others, on days like today, the pain inside explodes and I yearn to destroy. I hear another clap of thunder, winds trying to blow my doors open. I laugh at how the branches break from the tree outside.
If you think this is bad, you should feel what’s inside me.



Just a simple human trying to pass the ultimate test.

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