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The Love of My Life

My whole life, it has been my biggest dream to be a mother. I always thought if I met the love of my life, he would make me a mother. So I searched for the love of my life, ‘found’ him a few times, and I was wrong each time. Then a little over 5 years ago I found myself falling for my best friend, eventually married him, and knew I was finally with the love of my life. About 7 months ago, I found out I was wrong yet again. You see, the day my dream came true, the day I became a mother, was the day I had truly found the love of my life. I held this beautiful tiny human on my chest as she cried from birth, and everything inside of me exploded. My heart erupted with such a love that I couldn’t do anything but cry. For so long, I had searched and been broken trying to find the man who would be my soulmate. Turns out, it wasn’t a man at all, but she was inside of me all along. I finally had my dream. I held her close and stroked her back as she cried. I held the love of my life on my chest and said to her, “Hi Baby. I’ve been waiting for you.”


Just a simple human trying to pass the ultimate test.

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