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The Tank

With every step she takes, she hears his name.

The small town she once loved is now the home of her every painful memory. Looking over her shoulder, there is a twinge of irony.

She strides like a tank, every move guarded.

All around her are reminders of the past.

Her heart is stumbling but her feet move faster and faster to the pace of her mind.

With each thought, one of her feet impales the ground.

She imagines the scars on her heart falling off as she runs, but the scars remain.

With the wind curling her hair and rocks jumping up under her feet, she feels the need to run forever.

Fear trembles through her body, beginning with her toes and reaching each cell within her.

Every molecule within her is seizing.

Her thoughts race, as do her feet. Her heart continues to stumble, tripping over itself.

Buildings and trees all around her are becoming a blur.

A voice whispers, “Keep running.”

Tears fall from her eyes and fly off her face as she runs; each one crashing to the ground.

A shield is forming around her stumbling heart.

In the middle of this shield is a crack.

She is becoming dependent on this shield and tank-like aura. Hoping the shield doesn’t split into two, she continues on.

The glass bottle she once trapped her emotions in has shattered, unable to handle the capacity of all she stuffed inside of it.

She is all she’s got.


Just a simple human trying to pass the ultimate test.

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