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The Broken Road

Oh broken heart,
so sweet, so shattered.
In their eyes, it never really mattered.
Yet you see in your own eyes, in your soul.
All those that needed you, pleaded with you, left.
Kicking a cloud of dust in your face.
Now you are left, with only a bitter brokenness taking their place.
How did your path come to this?
on this broken road,
and are now wishing to explode.
Carry your ground upon your shoulders.
That burning desire, it smolders.
How have you seen so much,
yet you have missed that gentle touch?
Bring your sorrows to life.
Ink to paper.
Pour it all out like waves of steel.
Young girl,
heart like a fishing reel.
Where are you headed,
where have you been?
Such questions are embedded in dust,
sure to show themselves again.
But sweet friendship,
these lies you have seen.
They come and go,
proving you are alone.
Alone in the midst of a storm.
Burdening yourself with the broken heart you bury.
Ease your soul, young girl.
To recover, is not to hurry.


Just a simple human trying to pass the ultimate test.

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