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At Night

My heart shudders each time I think of just your name. To feel your lips on mine, to taste the tip of your tongue, melts my ice cold heart into a puddle at my toes. I have longed for this love my whole life; to have you briefly would be but a tear drop of paradise. Yet each day I have walked this earth numb, with embers of pain below the surface, burning slowly yet never ending. The numbness protects me from knowing that you’re not mine. I ignore the embers for the blandness that is normal life. Yet when I sleep at night, your kiss haunts me. Your touch sets my body ablaze. At night I can close my eyes and see yours looking back at me. Passion pulses through me, like a vibration that shoots fire from my finger tips. Your arms close around me and your lips brush against mine. My whole body tingles against yours and I breathe, “I love you.” Because when I close my eyes at night, you are mine.


Just a simple human trying to pass the ultimate test.

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