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The Rain Dream

Rain falls against my window, and I imagine I’m with you. We’re lying together, a silhouette of our bodies on the wall, gently gliding and touching each other. A clap of thunder strikes and my pulse quickens with yours, pressing our lips together, manoeuvring them to part. We’re wrapped in each others bodies now. The silhouette of two bodies is now one. Your lips caress my neck and the rain tap tap taps the window. The scent of your skin and the rumble of the rain put me into a trance. Suddenly I’m high, losing control of my body. I’m not calculating my moves, I’m simply making them. My fingertips gently trace the muscles on your back, as yours trace my inner thigh. My legs open for you. The taste of your kiss is on my lips, I touch them.
And with one loud clap of thunder, I’m awake. You’re not here. I touch my lips, somehow still feeling your kiss.


Just a simple human trying to pass the ultimate test.

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